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If your question is not addressed here, please use the contact page to connect with me! 

What materials do you use for your art dolls? 

I use a custom blend of air dry clays, and embellish each doll with a variety of mixed media techniques, and materials. I truly love using good quality materials, so if you purchase a doll with ribbon embellishments, for example, it's likely that the ribbon is silk! I have been sewing and embroidering since I was twelve, so even tiny touches, like the drape of a ribbon, are incredibly important to me. If the doll is wigged I used unprocessed locks from sheep and alpaca, if there is a braid, or a more whimsical hairstyle, it is likely needle felted with corriedale or merino wool roving. Witch's hats are wet felted with wool roving and sometimes silk "hankies". 

Please note, that although my dolls are quite
 sturdy, they are not toys, but art, and should be treated with care. Also know that unless clearly specified they should not be exposed to the elements, and are not suitable for outside decoration. Air dry clay means that they are not fired in a kiln, and therefore if exposed to water will dissolve back into they form from which they came! 


How long does it take you to make a doll? 

Forty three years! Everything I've learned as an artist over my life comes into play with the dolls I create, and because I'm always learning, I'm constantly evolving in style and skill, adding new touches to my dolls. 

I individually sculpt each doll by hand. I believe in rigorous honesty regarding the use of molds and I will clearly indicate if a mold has been used to make a doll's face, even in that case, I sculpted the original doll face, and created the mold myself. I do often use molds to make embellishments for a doll's headdress, or other adornment, but I pride myself on creating truly one of a kind art dolls, it's important to me that you, and only you, will possess that 
particular creation! 

For that reason, it can take as few as eight hours, not including drying time, and as many as forty hours to create one doll.


Do you accept commissions? 

Absolutely! Let's work together to bring your vision to life! Collaboration is a joy, and a great opportunity to stretch my creative muscles.


I do reserve the right to turn down commissions, but I will be clear in communicating with you why I would be unable to do so. 


Are your works available in galleries or local retail stores?

At this time I am not represented by any galleries but I am open to that option! If this changes it will be reflected on this website. 


If you are a gallery owner interested in showing my work, please feel free to contact me. 


Do you offer studio tours?

On occasion I host pop up sales in my home studio. I enjoy engaging in person with folks who appreciate my work and giving them an opportunity to "peek behind the curtain".  Most of the time I'm busy creating, which is a messy process and doesn't always allow for visitors! If you would like to know about up-coming pop ups, art fairs, or shows in which I'm appearing, please consider subscribing to my forthcoming newsletter, you have my word I will not spam you with constant mail. 

If you belong to a group interested in visiting the studio, please feel free to ask about setting up a tour.  


Do you offer classes or workshops? Will you be offering online classes? 

LOVE teaching older learners! I am a former childbirth educator, belly dance instructor, and have experience teaching cooking classes through community ed. I currently am not offering classes but I hope to do so in the near future. If you would like to host a class through your group, or even with a few friends, I would love to talk! I am also considering offering birthday party options for tweens, teens, and adults. 

Eventually I will offer online classes, hopefully by Autumn 2020, and my long term goal is to host workshops all over the world. One step at a time, but please do stay tuned! 

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