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I'm a lifelong artist raised by artists who encouraged me to choose a wiser career path when I was younger. And though I loved doing birth work for much of my adult life, the curious ways of fate brought me out of the birth world and back to art. 

Welcome to Hedgewitch Studio! I'm so glad you've found me.


I've always enjoyed playing with new mediums, and have experimented over the years with mosaic, painting, encaustic, cold wax, beadwork and sewing. Mixed media and assemblage were enjoyable ways to marry a variety of medium but it wasn't until I discovered the world of art dolls, and fiber clay, that it all came together. 

I began to experiment with clays in late 2017, and crafted my first doll in February of 2018. It was far from what I had desired and I labored devotedly that Spring and into the Summer to create the dolls I envisioned.

I hosted my first pop up in Autumn 2018, with good success and the experience motivated me to continue making art, evolving my process, and eventually led to this site! 

I'm pleased and excited to bring my creations to the larger world, and I hope you will find in my work some small bit of joy, wonder, and magic.

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